We Seek the Threads that Connect the Past & Present to Inspire Others in Their Quests..

People travel great distances, make great sacrifices, and spend vast amounts of time and money searching for the answers to their questions.  People from all over the world visit, call, or write to the Archive with questions about their relatives who lived in Stark County, to find a business that was once here, or to view the vast photograph collection.  Everyone has a story, everyone has a question.  We can help you…


Welcome to the McKinley Presidential Library & Stark County Archives, located in the South Wing of the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum in Canton, Ohio


Volunteers: Dick Conde, Gary Erdos, Kathleen Fernandez, Greg Ferrara, Jeff Graber, Thomas Grove, Rochelle Haas, Tom Haas, Susan Henry, Steve Hoskins, Carol McAdow, Judy Pocock, Katie Powers, Rosemary Shaheen, Marylou Thompson, Jim Wertz


Archivist: Mark G. Holland   Archivist’s Attic – Blog

Museum Speaker

Tips Before You Arrive:

     – Researchers may bring pencils, loose
        leaf paper, and laptops.

* Digital Photography is Prohibited in the Ramsayer Research Library

We thank you for your cooperation.

You may enter the Library & Archive from the Main Lobby of the Museum.  Simply go to the admissions window, and ask to see the library.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M.

Researchers are encouraged to make an appointment

Address: 800 McKinley Monument Drive N.W. Canton, Ohio 44708
Phone: 330-455-7043
Email:    researchrequests@mckinleymuseum.org

Research Requests may be submitted using our Form