Welcome to the McKinley Presidential Library & Ramsayer Research Library, located in the South Wing of the  McKinley Presidential Library & Museum in Canton, Ohio


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Our mission is to deliver to you  information about Stark County, Ohio and President William McKinley and his family.

Mark G. Holland, Archivist

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Volunteers: Dick Conde, Gary Erdos, Rochelle Haas, Tom Haas, Susan Henry, Retta Maynard, Mary Kay Miller, Judy Pocock, Rosemary Shaheen, Mary Lou Thompson, Jim Wertz

Intern: Tess Hamilton

Tips Before You Arrive:

     Researchers may bring pencils, loose
     leaf paper, and laptops.
     Researchers are asked to complete a registration form,
     in order to better serve you at the time of your visit, and in the future.

You may enter the Library & Archive from the Main Lobby of the Museum.  Simply go to the admissions window, and ask to see the library.

* Digital Photography is Prohibited in the Ramsayer Research Library

We thank you for your cooperation.


Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M.
Researchers are encouraged to make an appointment

800 McKinley Monument Drive N.W.
Canton, Ohio 44708
Phone: 330-455-7043
Email: General archive questions may be submitted to library@mckinleymuseum.org

Research Requests may be submitted to researchrequests@mckinleymuseum.org
Or by going to: McKinley Museum/Contact Page